Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chandelier Print.

Wusstet ihr, dass das größte Problem für einen "Teilzeitblogger" nicht nur die oft mangelnde Zeit zum Bloggen darstellt, sondern damit verbunden auch die Tatsache, dass man sich zwar zwischendrin die Zeit nahm, das ein oder andere Kleidungsstück zu fotografieren, es dann aber erst Wochen später postet und dann... Herrje... das Wetter nicht mehr dazu passt? Genug Meta-Geplauder: Ich hielt schon vor ein paar Wochen dieses schicke Junarose Kleid in den Händen, trug es auch schon ein paar Mal, als wir noch die Variante des Aprilwetters hatten, die man auch im Herbst zu Genüge hatte. Wie so oft bei Plus Size-Labels ist mir auch dieses Kleid zu lang geraten, deshalb unterbreche ich das schicke Muster mit einem Gürtel. Schade um den tollen Print! 

Junarose Antique dress [M]
Primark cardigan [UK16]
Zalando leather slippers [DE41]
HM leather skinny belt [L]

Did you know... that the biggest problem for "part-time bloggers" like myself is not only the usual lack of time, but the consequent fact that while you might have made the time to take pictures of something you wore, you only get to post it once the weather doesn't match the look anymore. Enough meta-talk, I would like to present you this lovely dress that I have received and worn a few times a couple of weeks ago, when April had in store what you expect in Autumn (you know, the cold, the wind). A common problem with plus-size labels is that many garments are a tad too long for me - same with this dress. It's a shame I had to interrupt the beautiful print with a belt.

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  1. I feel that you are far from the blog, I feel that everything in the autopilot, where is that excited Alegra? You were so warm, and now I feel cold here, what's happening? :/ Where is Richard? Your thoughts about life and stuff, "free photos" in parks, on the street, your shoes .... Please your bog is so wonderful, do not take us away.

    1. Oof, this is difficult. To be honest with you, you answered it yourself. I am very detached from this at the moment because I have shitloads (I mean, really, truly, shit-loads) of stuff going on in my private life that I don't feel like sharing here. In a way, this is my happy place, albeit sincere. I cannot share what is going on in my life at the moment, even if I wanted to, because there are other people involved, who are close to me, who wouldn't appreciate my dishing out details of things that are going wrong. Can you see what I mean? Often I don't feel like I should still keep this blog up, mainly because I don't find the time for it that I would love to invest. I cannot afford it (time-wise but also financially). Other times, I feel like I want to do this because it takes my mind off things. I'm sorry that it shows that I have difficulty writing about trivial stuff.

      I will try as much as I can, but there are literally (let me count) five major things going on that I have to work out and the blog simply cannot take centre stage ♥

  2. I hope you have not been upset, it was not a criticism, I swear to god, but one my feeling, maybe it helps you, so I preferred to remain anonymous so you do not get upset with me. I'm sorry for your life this way now, it comforts you, mine is similar, sometimes I think "What have I done so bad to deserve this?" But part of it, I think, will make us stronger. Glad you have a place of escape. Reborn, please, I have an affection so so great for you, but I know it's hard to feel it a stranger, I want you healthy and at peace. I send you my positive thoughts and my prayers.

  3. Ich mag das Outfit und das Kleid. Doof das dir die Kleider immer zu lang sind .. aber der simple Trick mit dem Gürtel funktioniert doch auch sehr gut :) Ich glaube ja das "April-Wetter" ist noch nicht überstanden.

  4. It is hard to find a dress that fits between 5'4"-5'7" without being hemmed well this is it perfect, Classy, and inexpensive. It comes with Straps you can easily sew on yourself.

  5. Ist doch egal, von wann das Bild ist - wenn es gut aussieht, passt es. Fertig.

    Auf ins Wochenende!

    Viele Grüße von der Bunten

  6. du siehst immer soo hübsch aus :)

  7. Hallo Liebes,

    ich finde du siehst ganz toll aus. Das Kleid steht dir unglaublich gut! Was du geschrieben hast wegen des Teilzeitbloggens kann ich voll und ganz zustimmen. Im Moment habe ich zwar genug Outfitideen, die ich umsetzen kann, aber die Zeit fehlt einfach!

    Liebste Grüße,


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