Monday, August 29, 2011

lesley gore - cry me a river

just a quickie: here's my ballerina skirt, again. it's well good for windy days.
today has been super exciting, because i had a tv crew coming to my house again. they took some great footage of myself, i reckon. i tried not to lisp, which i do when i'm being filmed, god knows why, the nerves? people were giving me awkward looks in h+m, but nevermind. we'll seee :)
mein ballerinarock mal wieder. der ist super gut für windige tage.
heute war aufregend, weil ich wieder ein fernsehteam hier hatte. ich glaube, es wurden richtig gute aufnahmen gemacht. ich hab' versucht, nicht zu lispeln, was mir leider passiert, wenn ich gefilmt werde, weiß nicht wieso. die aufregung vielleicht? die leute im h+m haben komisch geguckt, aber damit kann ich leben :)

h+m skirt, primark denim jacket and belt, zara ballet flats.


ps: details über so besondere tage wie heute (junge!) gibt's natürlich auch immer auf der fb-seite. hier.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sandie shaw - together

i really liked how you showed love to my little balloon necklace, and to prove that i do, too, by wearing it a lot recently, here's another outfit featuring this little gem. also i am wearing a fantastic dress from the new h+m autumn collection, it is available in creamy white, dark orange and black. i find it super comfy and figure-hugging. it's the kind of dress you won't be readjusting all the bloody time.

primark necklace, h+m dress and leather belt, zara leather ballet flats.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

you can call me al.

summer might be back in germany! fingers crossed! so maybe, hopefully, skirts without tights/ sandals/ big scoops of icecream/ bathing suits. let's make this happen! until then...

primark denim skirt and balloon necklace, pieces body suit.


PS: Hier könnt ihr einen kurzen Beitrag von Sat.1 17.30 RLP/Hessen sehen, einfach auf Archiv, 15.08.2011 klicken :) 
Viel Spaß!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

the divine comedy - untitled melody

i couldn't resist this white dress from h+m's inclusive collection, apart from the coral one. let me tell you it's teh perfect party dress. although it might seem a little formal, i can't think of many occasions where this dress shouldn't be outed. so here we go, another fifties housewife stylee dress. i love love love it!


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

my new primark dress// shooting for 17.30 :)

edit: i had to post this quickly for a shot. i will share the details as soon as i have any!
das erstellen des posts wurde gefilmt. werde über details informieren sobald ich welche habe!