Sunday, July 31, 2011

this cardigan is at least 10 years old

... and i found it in my old wardrobe at my parents' place. it is full of old clothes that i will never wear again (because they look their age, stylewise), apart from this super super soft h+m cardigan. it is so old, it has one of those "hennes" tags from the early noughties. i remember wearing this when i was 13, approximately. it is doing a good job at looking nice and keeping me warm, at 25 also.
and i found a pair of leather ballerina shoes at zara, for 20 eur in the sales! leather inside and out.

it is getting lots and lots of outings with the weather being so cold!


[1st black dress: h+m kids, 2nd black dress: also h+m 2010, necklace: new yorker]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

everything is beautiful at the ballet-hey!

so i figured i was lacking space in the wardrobe (i need a 2nd one) and drowning in beautiful clothes (which made me sell some), and then h+m comes along with a sh*tload of ballet-inspired garments. as soon as i saw this skirt from the collection, i knew it. i knew we would be best friends for life. and that i will not stop pirouetting in it, simply because i can, with a skirt like that.

yes, i may as well also team it with a belt and wear it as a dress. if you intend to buy it and, like me, are a shorty, go for medium. it will also fit nicely and kind of be midi-long, which is the style of it.


[h+m ballet skirt, primark body suit, c+a cardigan (wrapped here)]

ps: willkommen an alle neuen leser, die hierdurch aufmerksam geworden sind :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

bunnies pt. 2

you know the combination of wanting to wear bunny shirts all the time and a broken washing mashine is no good. here is yet another outfit feauturing the bunny shirt, from 2 weeks ago?

and mousy shoes again!


Thursday, July 14, 2011


you know, there are about millions of bunnies running around the park near where i live, and they will always always run away as soon as i get my phone out to take a picture. luckily enough, i found bunnies that will keep still for me to admire them. well it is fifi lapin.

[pimkie fifi lapin shirts, h+m hareem trousers and skirt, peacocks skirts.]