Monday, May 30, 2011

Mehr Platz - Mehr Sale - Mehr Kleider für euch!

Mein Kleiderschrank platzt aus allen Nähten und auch wenn ein zweiter Schrank schnellstens her muss, habe ich ein bisschen aussortiert und neue Artikel in den Sale-Blog geschoben, hauptsächlich Kleider. Vielleicht ist für euch etwas dabei? Hier geht's zum Sale-Blog.

Friday, May 27, 2011

hank williams - hey good lookin'

i am posting this song because 1) my boyfriend starts singing this whenever i am in the midst of preparing delicious delicacies (like, curries. they are the new spagbol in this household) and 2) i am pretty sure that this song helped me and my friends win the 3rd place at a pub quiz last night. and also, it's quite catchy!
i went to hamburg a few weeks ago and had to check out monki and got this dress for a 10er in the sales!

now, let's remove the finger and do some serious posing!
alegra, could you do a poncy ballet pose? - sure!
i would like to say that i don't know why my face looks this awkward here - it's probably the glasses, but they are dead dead nice really!

[monki dress, aces of london shoes, asos necklace, ebay glasses.]

Friday, May 20, 2011

kriss kross - jump

my white linen dress, pictures taken a few weeks ago. this dress proves that you should dare trying out everything, even in shops you don't normally go to. it is almost 3 dress sizes smaller than i usually wear. crazy, innit?
mein weißes leinenkleid, bilder von vor ein paar wochen. dieses kleid beweist, dass man alles ausprobieren sollte, auch in läden, die man normalerweise nicht frequentiert. es ist fast 3 kleidergrößen kleiner als üblich. verrückt! (new yorker, 2008)
and i couldn't resist adding another manekineko to my collection.
new yorker dress, primark sandals and bag.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

yelle - safari disco club

before i start properly, is it just me or does "safari disco club" remind you of this, which yelle posted ages ago on her fb? just a thought :). it does have a similar beat! anyways, i'm glad she is back.
outfit-wise, this is going to get a little coral. i am almost as late with posting a little review of h+m's inclusive collection as i am with the latest yelle tune. i had ordered three pieces from the collection. here is what i kept:
it's a little too formal for everyday use but i found easter as an excuse to keep it. didn't wear it during the easter holidays, but on mother's day (which was last sunday here in germany).

didn't keep this skirt. although i had ordered it a size smaller than usual, it is still very much too long for me. it felt too bulky. nice skirt though!

around the same time as my order arrived i bought this fantastic coral number at primark, and i love love love it. it's the perfect party dress. as this is my first asymmetrical dress, i will have to get used to feeling semi-cold when i'm going out. i can learn.

also from primark, a very cute charm bracelet:

dress 1: h+m, skirt: h+m, dress 2: primark, belt: pieces, bracelet: primark, leopard print peeptoes: h+m.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

republic of loose - comeback girl

i got the same frame for my (corrective) sunglasses like i have for my normal specs. not black, but brownish as the shade of the glasses is brown. it's a whole new life withouth having to squint in the sunshine whilst still seeing things properly, i'm telling you. so here's me being a cool dude with sunglasses in the comfort of my own home.
ich habe mir den selben rahmen für meine (mit stärke versehene) sonnenbrille wie für meine normale brille zugelegt. nicht schwarz, aber braun, da die gläser auch braun sind. es ist ein ganz neues lebensgefühl, wenn man in der sonne nicht mehr die augen zusammenkneifen muss, aber trotzdem den durchblick hat. also hier bin ich mal ganz cool und trage die sonnenbrille daheim.
(my very belated easter necklace. eggs in a bird's nest! cuteness!)
h+m dress + belt, primark necklace, aces of london shoes.