Sunday, July 31, 2011

this cardigan is at least 10 years old

... and i found it in my old wardrobe at my parents' place. it is full of old clothes that i will never wear again (because they look their age, stylewise), apart from this super super soft h+m cardigan. it is so old, it has one of those "hennes" tags from the early noughties. i remember wearing this when i was 13, approximately. it is doing a good job at looking nice and keeping me warm, at 25 also.
and i found a pair of leather ballerina shoes at zara, for 20 eur in the sales! leather inside and out.

it is getting lots and lots of outings with the weather being so cold!


[1st black dress: h+m kids, 2nd black dress: also h+m 2010, necklace: new yorker]


  1. Die Cardigan sieht aus, als gehöre sie zur kommenden Herbstsaison, steht dir prima - hab auch noch Teile aus meiner "Teen"-Zeit, die ich heute -mit Ende Zwanzig- noch ziemlich gut tragen kann...

  2. Very pretty, particularly your dress[es] <3

  3. Lovely cardigan! And I love your dress. Besides, I want to tell you that you will loose hair very well! So pretty!

  4. Her fashion is really fit to her size. She looks sexy with that outfit.

  5. What a cute shade! I really love it. I wish my mother had a trunk of her old clothing. I'm sure I'd find something worth while!



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