Friday, October 29, 2010

i like i like i like

you know how i got to see this man live in concert last week:

my boyfriend bought me a band shirt that i wore the day after, for work. for the gig, i went a little sparkly:

h+m sequinned babydoll dress, primark cardigan and carousel necklace.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

ein frisches frauenportal

schnell ein kleiner tipp von mir: ist ein neues frauenportal mit super "freshen" beiträgen zu allem, was frau so interessiert. klickt euch durch und habt spaß. ich werde da in zukunft gastbloggen :)
meine basics waren das thema des ersten gastblogs, hier geht's zum artikel.


Friday, October 22, 2010

janelle monáe - locked inside

seeing as it's getting colder and colder, reason told me to wear jeans instead of tights. so i did pull out my skinnies the other week and wore them for work.
da es kälter und kälter wird, riet mir die vernunft, lieber jeans als strumpfhosen zu tragen. also hab ich meine skinny jeans aus dem schrank gefischt und trug sie so zur arbeit vor ein paar wochen.

primark skinnies, h+m shirt, pieces scarf and necklace.

ps: i am also thinking about getting a proper domain. can anyone give me their review of buying one from blogger? is it really just 10 USD per year? i might really go for it. (thanks to florian for his advice, too!)
kann mir wer erfahrungsberichte über eine domain durch blogger geben? bitte? ist das easy?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"...nochmal drehen"

merci à stéphanie pour télécharger le clip!!!
you can also watch the tv clip on youtube now.
für alle, die fragten: die anderen im clip sind stéphanie von le blog de big beauty (frankreich) und lilli von frocks and frou frou (australien)

am ende hört man noch kurz die anweisungen der reporterin, tihihi :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


i'm going to get to see neil hannon// the divine comedy in frankfurt in about 3 hours. :)

this one goes out to all the lovely responses today! big love!

live-blogging: rtl punkt 12

oh je, macht mal schnell eure fernsehgeräte an: heute kommt tatsächlich schon der beitrag in punkt 12 bei RTL. in der vorschau kam schon was wie "warum die modetipps der pfundigen alegra kultstatus haben". ich weiß grad nicht, ob ich pfundig noch schöner finde als mollig (hass-wort), aber bisher hab ich noch gut lachen.

12:15 - wieder was gelernt: wir essen gerne SchniPo. heut is wohl genereller fetti-tag bei RTL. :)

es lief noch nicht, bald... ganz bald :D

andy warhol, da sind meine 15 minuten! hehe! danke für die lieben emails und kommentare, ich komm gerade nicht hinterher.

bin super zufrieden mit dem beitrag, vielen dank, andrea + team.
ein paar antworten:

der rote mantel ist von vor 2 jahren schätzungsweise, aus h+m.

die tolle strickjacke sowie das weiße spitzenkleid (die ich leider nur anprobieren durfte) gibt's zur zeit bei zara.

der hasen-ring ist von primark, in england gekauft. und die bambi-kette gab es vor kurzem im new yorker.
you can view the tv segment here: if you scroll down in the video section you will find me, stéphanie and lilli in the 9th video.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

behind the scenes

in case you were wondering why my last post was a bit short: i was blogging it while being filmed. how awkward :). so, yesterday a reporter, a camera man and a sound guy came to my flat and took footage of me reading a magazine (from 2009 haha... random pick from my massive magazine pile), browsing through blogs, wearing stuff from my wordrobe (had to pick 5 outfits in a hurry) and then in zara. their biggest size (extra large and 42) hardly ever fits, but i did manage to find 3 dresses, 1 skirt and 1 woolly cardi that i absolutely loved and i made puppy eyes towards the shop manager to give it me for free but he was having none of it. the darn thing cost 70€! nevermind. the weirdest thing was when the reporter lady picked random people on the street to look at me and guess what i'm interested in. best answer: "i think, deep in her heart, she really cares for animals". cuteness. i'm so so nervous about the outcome and how they are cutting the whole thing together. so excited. but it was a cool experience, the team was really friendly - thank you!- and i was able to calm down because my bestie julia and my boyfriend were there to hold my hand, lovage. i will let everyone know when it's aired. i suppose only germans will be able to watch the online recap of it.
i treated myself right after with a jumper that i really really wanted. i have a laptop with a webcam now (writing my thesis is getting closer...). so now i can basically spam you with narcissistic webcam shots! lucky lucky you.

and i got these fantastic pyjamas on monday. there are A's all over it. it must be for Alegra. and there are cupcakes that say "eat me" and vials that say "drink me", and bunny rabbits. they are by no means alice-themed.

h+m divided jumper, primark jimjams.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

the red dress

this is what i'm wearing today. tv people are here. mega excited!
wearing: h+m dress, primark ballet flats and birdcage necklace.

Friday, October 08, 2010

you're great

once again, thanks to everyone who took the time and wrote an email or a comment, it's very much appreciated! inga from berlin is a real dollface for making this:

vielen lieben dank für die nette post. ich hab' mich riesig gefreut!


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

clout - save me

just though i'd post this song after i had belted it out before whilst making curry. absolute classic!:

there are so many changes going on here at the moment. i have a third job now and uni starts again in late october and i don't know how i'm going to cope.
since that maxi article, many interesting and exciting things are coming my way and it scares me a little. i love the maxi article (see the features page above) and i especially love my friend dani's article that she wrote for a german school mag (i'm a future teacher who's well down with the kids now!). it's in german as well and you can read it here on thank you dani!
tomorrow, i will have to let someone know whether i agree to appear on a tv programme. i'm very scared. very flattered though. super excited.

here's something i wore the other day.

h+m waistcoat, (divided) shoulderpadded dress and shoes. promod specs necklace. primark coat and bag.


edit: whoa, i accepted. gosh... hyper excitement!

Saturday, October 02, 2010


i have a bandwidth problem once again. photobucket has unabled all of my pictures. what a killjoy! i can't afford a pro account, so, when i find the time, i will reload the pics with picasa. has anyone got suggestions for a better photo host site? please?

have a sweet weekend!