Thursday, September 30, 2010

janelle monáe - tightrope

i'm lacking words to describe just how superb this song and video is. and look at janelle, she's one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. watching this makes me want to wear a white shirt with a bowtie and strut my stuff!

my skirt can only just match the beauty of the video: it has a swimming girl print! how dreamy!

zara skirt. primark bodysuit, cardi and necklace

Friday, September 24, 2010

the divine comedy - our mutual friend

you know i'm not one for big gigs. it's just not my kinda thing, i don't like huge crowds of people (the carnival in mainz is borderline frightening) and i hate mud (so no festivals for me, thank you). hence, i have only been to very few gigs in my life. if you care, the bands i've seen so far are as follows: bellini (samba de janeiro. it was the 90s), die fantastischen vier (biggest gig so far for me), Louis XIV, Yelle (i only got to see like 20 min of her, sad face), the teenagers (fun times), auletta (big up mainz!) and those dancing days (best gig so far). in october, neil hannon aka the divine comedy will be added to the list, i'm so excited! watch!

quick change of topic: i have a new coat! equally excited!
and i added a button that my friend dani got me from argentina.
and i wore this for work last week:
wearing: primark coat (size 18, 12€) and lace insert dress, h+m peep-toes, deichmann brogues.


Monday, September 20, 2010

blind melon - no rain

let's start with a true 90s classic. when i saw this video for the 1st time, i must have been the same age as the girl in the video. and the same weight. i have always been a chubby kid, with glasses. but so far, i haven't had my fair share of wearing a bee costume...
i did get round to wearing this fantastic primark shift dress recently though! i bought it last year and rarely wear it cos i always fear it might be too much. but how can it be too much if it's so pretty really? look at it, golden buttons, pleat detail, coral colour. it is not as neon as it appears to be in the pictures, mind you. it has a lovely shade. i paired it with my new bambi necklace. now, i might loose your sympathy saying this, but i have never watched bambi. ah well, i have so many years ahead of me for doing that, and wearing bee costumes. and tap dancing.
wearing: primark shift dress and cardi, new yorker bambi necklace.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

vanessa paradis - be my baby

can a voice get any cuter than that of vanessa paradis? i don't think so! speaking of sweetness, i would like to thank everyone for their lovely feedback on the maxi article. i'm sorry if i haven't been able to get back to everyone but i will do my very best. exciting things are coming up!
these 2 dresses are also very very sweet. because they came very cheap and they go with just about every occasion. happy face!
denim dress 5 pound, primark, of course.
pale pink dress from h+m. i got it a while ago and it was 7€ in the sale if i remember it correctly.
i got quite a few bargains at the h+m online shop today. and i ordered a black jumpsuit from evans (don't forget about my bargain code).

and did you know? more beth ditto coolness is going to come our way tomorrow. excitingting!

also, ages ago, someone asked me something about my fringe. i cut it myself, at least once a week. frankly, i can't afford hair dressers so i only have the long part of my hair cut maybe twice a year. but i don't let anyone else touch my fringe!
videojug is a brill site for learning things, they are so much better for diy stuff than youtube. you can virtually learn everything there (including how to kiss. yes). they have this helpful video for getting good at cutting your own fringe:

Styling Your Hair:
How To Cut Your Own Bangs

i'm not hopeless yet that i will get to take nicer pictures someday. my camera takes fantastic pictures outdoors. and without the self timer :(


Sunday, September 12, 2010

today of all days!

photobucket is being nasty!... i hope i can refix all the pictures...

edit: the pictures of older posts will appear again on the 15th. not happy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

france gall - der computer nr. 3

...possibly my favourite song and performance by france gall. what's not to love about this? i'm sorry if you don't understand german but the talking in this video is just as funny as the song itself. i also like how france's hair is as shiny and yellow as that other woman's dress. tehee!
i basically spent last weekend at the local wine festival and this was my friday night gear:

yes. i am still testing where i get the best picture. not here. this is the messy side of the bed (NOT MINE!)

the trusty mirror.


i need to buy a photographer.

wearing: h+m stripey shirt (5€ in the sales!) and belt, primark cardigan, bag and heart pin, pieces key necklace. and some old black boots. and a very cheap but great red lippy!


ps i will post pictures of the other girls in maxi asap. i will get my printer/scanner back next week. does anyone want a translation of the interviews?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

stromae - bienvenue chez moi

good morning baltimore! (maybe not...)
i have various good news for you.
the october issue of MAXI is out in germany and you will find interviews with lili from frocks and froufrou, big beauty stephanie, ulrika from the red rosette and myself! worth reading!

also, i have been wearing my asos boots on a daily basis - almost. but my camera is still being very emo, so the pictures are a bit mehh.

i do own an iron and an ironing board but i swear my dress only looks this crinkled on photos. and i do not iron my clothes, frankly.

wearing: h+m coral dress and salmon coloured belt, primark cardi, necklace and scarves (a beige and a flowery one intertwined), asos suede wedge boots. they are ever so comfy!


ps: remember you can now save 10% on orders over 40 pounds on by using my discount code:


Thursday, September 02, 2010

the eyes of mars

i just have to blog this quickly before i forget. i just found something that combines 2 of my favourite things: franz ferdinand and marion cotillard. i went to see inception on tuesday and while it is a mediocre film all in all, marion is a vision. she's like a french anna friel. i've had a really lazy lie-in today and watched jeux d'enfants, and if amélie is lacking a bit of romance and kisses for you, then that's your film. the best thing about her though is her voice. which is also why nine was bearable whenever she came on scene (apart from that, it's rubbish! worst musical film everrr. and yes, i do remember grease 2).
so, if you haven't seen this already, i recommend that you do so now. i don't care if this was made for dior and what not. MARION! FRANZ F! she can totally pull off a man's suit.