Monday, August 30, 2010

karen ramirez - looking for love

hello ladies!
i still cannot get over how much it feels like autumn here already. i didn't plan on wearing chunky knitwear in late august! but i have to. before i went away, before the climate change hit me yet again, i wore this for work a few weeks ago:

i don't casually lean on my billy shelf in my spare time on a regular basis. i only do this for you guys. that's how committed i am.

as much as i love my new camera phone, i hate the bloody thing for being so awkward about taking narcissistic pictures with the self-timer. expect more wobbly pictures like these until i found a better tripod than an empty box of kleenex tissues!

wearing: pieces tunic, primark cardigan, belt, scarf and jeggings.

an alle deutschen leserInnen: demnächst kauft ihr euch bitte alle die oktoberausgabe der maxi. da gibt's ein interview mit mir, ulrika, lili und mehr :)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

guten tag

hey yous!
i'm back from england and i miss it already. it's nice to get away from the german stare, even just for a week. in the meantime i have been tagged by nefferth (this is her beautiful blog) and i'm going to answer her questions now.

1. What are you wearing right now?
this is a naughty question, nefferth! hehe! a white bodysuit and aladdin jeans.

2. Your dream vacation?
i'd love to go to new zealand i think.

3. What is your favourite animal and why?
pandas because they are dead dead cute, and squirrels.

4. What is your secret weapon to spice up an outfit?
i don't think i have one! but i'll just say jewellery.

5. Which perfume/cologne is your favourite and why?
i like kate moss' velvet hour and sexy darling by kylie. they're cheap and smell nice, everything i ask for in a perfume.

6. Which fashion must-have item does a fa(t)shionista need in her closet?
the perfect skirt.

7. Do you collect anything?
i have a very large collection of clothes :) and necklaces. i'm gonna be a hoarder when i get old!

8. Last time you splurged on a fashion item?
last week, 30€ on my suede wedge boots (see last post), that's a splurge for me...

anyone who feels like it can answer my 8 questions on their blog, or in the comments.

1) do you worry a lot that most clothes are in fact made my someone who basically pays with their health, their life for it?
2) what's your favourite thing about yourself?
3) what's your favourite thing about your closest friend?
4) which is the best piece of furniture in your flat/ house/ room?
5) when is the last time you ruined a pair of shoes?
6) what do you say when someone is being rude?
7) where do you go to when your at your happiest?
8) why do you read blogs?

i'll be back soon, with pictures.


Friday, August 13, 2010

simian mobile disco - it's the beat (teenagers rmx)

i haven't got much to say except that today i will go swimming again and hopefully beat my personal record in one hour. on sunday i might make the most of my boyfriend not being here by having a slumber party (first time) and on tuesday i will join him in manchester. excuse the awkward facial expression here. and the funny tights (what was i thinking.)

h+m shirt and skirt, primark scarf, bag and shoes.

and i ordered my dream boots on asos! having them delivered to the uk saves me monaaaay. they are made of leather hmmm. i decided to invest more in high quality shoes and say goodbye to stinky feet. heehee!
das ist alles!


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

big girls don't cry - cos there's Evans

hey ladiiiiiieeees,
i have a very very special surprise for you. from the beginning of september for 6 weeks you can get 10% off orders over £40 at all you need to do is use this discount code:


happy shopping!

and here's something i wore ages ago, even before the heat wave, that's how long.

primark skater dress and brougues, h+m cardigan...