Tuesday, June 29, 2010

alegra's sound of summer 2010


you know, things i should have posted ages ago.

oh my, it's boiling here... at last! apparently it's gonna get as hot as 37° during the weekend. you can find me in the pool! found a brilliant swimsuit in c+a a few weeks ago. i like it so much, i was willing to go swimming at only 24°, had i found someone to come along.
for now, some outfits i wore weeks (months?) ago, in bad quality i'm afraid.
primark cardi, h+m shirt, skirt and scarf.
primark cardi (who would have thought...)and sandals, new look dress.

i hope this recipe will make up for the long wait. i made up this dessert yesterday and it is fantastic. basically, i guess it's just like frozen yoghurt.

what you need:

- a bit more than a handful of various frozen fruit, i used mango, pineapple and raspberries
- natural yoghurt, i used 3,5% fat yog
- a blender

how do i turn these ingredients into a delicious dessert? i hear you ask.

- put the fruit into your blender and wait about 10 min (you can skip the wait if you own a high quality blender that could crush ice)
- add the yoghurt and... blend it :)

guten appetit!

bis bald

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i is sorry

i'm so sorry for the lack of posts. my pc is still not working, but at least my boyfriend got his computer fixed so i will just have to make the most of the time he's either not in or not playing football manager :). i have still got loads of outfits to post and so many items i want to put in my sale. thanks for your support and see you very soon, i hope :)

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