Saturday, September 11, 2010

france gall - der computer nr. 3

...possibly my favourite song and performance by france gall. what's not to love about this? i'm sorry if you don't understand german but the talking in this video is just as funny as the song itself. i also like how france's hair is as shiny and yellow as that other woman's dress. tehee!
i basically spent last weekend at the local wine festival and this was my friday night gear:

yes. i am still testing where i get the best picture. not here. this is the messy side of the bed (NOT MINE!)

the trusty mirror.


i need to buy a photographer.

wearing: h+m stripey shirt (5€ in the sales!) and belt, primark cardigan, bag and heart pin, pieces key necklace. and some old black boots. and a very cheap but great red lippy!


ps i will post pictures of the other girls in maxi asap. i will get my printer/scanner back next week. does anyone want a translation of the interviews?


  1. I didn't know she sang in german :)
    Love your outfit

  2. elle sait faire n'importe quoi puis qu' elle est magique! :)

    merci <3

  3. I <3 your outfit! So cute!

  4. the last picture of you is so lovely!

  5. You get cuter every day Alegra!

    Lauren xx
    Pocket Rocket

  6. You look lovely sweetie, the tunic looks great!xxx <3

  7. OMG!!! I definitely dont understand, here in America its a treat if u can speak English properly! LOL but its a cute video and very funny!!! I love her hair and personality. BUT YOUR HAIR IN YOUR SELF PICS is fabulous!!! Love your hair, if i ever get to England we have to hang out!!!

    Peace from NJ!!!

  8. Your lipstick is very cute!!

  9. Also ich machs jetzt mal auf deutsch, wenn das genehm ist :) bin grad durch Zufall auf deinen Blog gestoßen. Die Kette ist toll, ich such schon ewig nach einem hübschen Schlüssel, aber ich find einfach keinen, der mir wirklich gefällt. Leider. Aw, und das Happy-Foto ist so süß ^__^= Du siehst so flauschig aus <3

  10. Ich liebe das Outfit. Besonders die Tatsache, dass du den Gürtel so cool kombinierst, beeindruckt mich zutiefst. (Ich hab das überhaupt nicht drauf :D)

    Liebe Grüße,



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