Monday, October 19, 2009

bow wow wow - fools rush in

first off, big thank you and gros bisous to le blog de letilor (most of you will already know her and her blog, and if you don't you really should) for making me her blog star. quel honneur! you can read the whole article here.
what a great way to start the new week! throughout the weekend i have mainly been busy doing nothing, sweet nothingness. i have been lying in bed watching documentaries, seeing friends, and this morning, i watched "Sweet Charity" and regret that it took me 23 years to discover yet another Bob Fosse masterpiece. what a great film.
one good reason to stay in bed like a lazy bum was that it it freezing over here, it seriously is. i'm not in the mood for it yet, it makes me feel all christmassy already. this christmas i will not spend at home with my parents, i'll be in greater manchester. anyways, if it remains this cold during the week, i won't get a chance to wear this again, and i quite liked it:
i am wearing a new dorothy perkins blouse/dress and red flats, primark tee, mink cardigan, satchel bag and rah-rah trench coat, and necklaces from new look, sixx and h+m.
listen to this fantastic version of fools rush in by bow wow wow:

dollface of the week: Françoise Dorléac

oh, françoise, you are dearly missed. at the age of only 25, catherine deneuve's sister and promising star of the french cinema, died in a horrible car accident in 1967. she will always be remembered for her oustanding performance in Truffaut's "La peau douce", and personally i will of course never forget her for playing Solange in one of my favourite films "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort". here's my humble tribute to this week's dollface.

although her singing voice in LDDR was dubbed, she does sing herself here, maybe because mario hurt her so much. well let's hope not. PLEASE WATCH, this video has everything i want: crazy dance moves, 60s jazzzz, big hair, lots of eye liner, puppy dogs, and a gorgeous vanity in the midst of the streets of paris, parfait! what more could you possibly ask for (except a white keytar/guitboard!!!!!!!!)

source and more

Saturday, October 17, 2009

gossip - love long distance

very very sorry for the neglect here. but i had to prepare for and pass a really really important exam (part of my finals). AND THIS TIME IT PAID OFF BIG TIME! my head is still THIS big because my mark is so surprisingly good (watch the clip for more and bigger heads, although no. mine is still really big). anyways, i'll be back with a lot more than a lousy youtube vid. sorrieees!
big up yourselves for following my blog and commenting, i regret not saying this more often. thank you for your support, much appreciated.
btw, in my next outfit posts you will realise that they date back from a few weeks. autumn has been lame to non existent in germany. way too cold for mid october, party people!

and it's really disgusting how much bret+jemaine and beth ditto's band mate (yeah well, you know, the hunky one who's isn't doing it with beth) make want to wish for a KEYTAR for crimbo, i want one so bad! (i can't play it) BUT IT LOOKS GOOD. especially in white! white keytar christmas please!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

kasabian - vlad the impaler

1. i sort of had to skip this week's dollface
2. i have a very very important exam coming up
3. how great is kasabian's new album?
4. new outfit posts will follow, when i'm not in uni
5. i just realised that deena's blog is not in my blogroll, and i tried adding it several times, it's not doing itttt!
6. the mighty (boosh) noel fielding:

see you later!