Monday, September 28, 2009

dollface of the week: anna friel

this week's dollface has to be one of my favourite actresses: Anna Friel. she stars in my favourite film, "Me Without You", alongside Michelle Williams (i blogged about this here), and in my favourite series, Pushing Daisies (why did they not produce an infinity of more episodes?). she's gorgeous and she's from rochdale, which is just around the corner from Oldham. ahh i miss you northern england.


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dvd review: dance it off with vicky binns

a few weeks ago, in a fit of fitness increase, i ordered a dvd with a promising title: dance it off with vicky binns. frankly, i didn't know who vicky was, but richard told me she's a girl from coronation street (i only ever watched the german equivalent of corrie).
it's basically an hour long workout divided into 4 sections, containing a warm-up, two dance routines and er, can't remember what the last 15min are called, i haven't got there yet. each section is 15 min long, which comes in proper handy, since you can either fit 15 min in a busy day or really go for more. i haven't got beyond 3 sections yet, but i will do!
i'm no good at sports at all (yes i did always get picked last) and the only thing i have always loved is dancing. i miss dancing in a group like i used to do for more than 10 years. it's hard for me to reach that level again but the dvd really helps. it's fun and not hard at all to follow. the coach, rachel ravenscroft is lovely, too.
i got the dvd for less than a fiver, so it obviously is a lot less expensive than a gym membership or dance classes (although that's completely different anyways, dreamy). all you need is your sports gear, a telly, and a bit of space in front of it.
the reason i am writing about this is because (unfortunately i don't get any freebies or $$ for this...) i want to encourage you to pick up something that you enjoy and helps you become a healthy dollface. that's what we should all aim for.
if you need more information on this, let me know! and don't be turned off by the cover, i'm not too keen myself.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

brigitte bardot - la madrague

saying goodbye to summer isn't all bad. it also means hello old and new jacket/ coat/ blazer friends!
here we have one old friend, the rara trench, and two new ones: the pink boyfriend blazer from dorothy perkins (in the sale for 15 pounds, size 18) and this black number that kept looking at me in the shop until i tried it on and fell in love (new yorker, 40€, size 14). happiness!

tata xxx

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dollface of the week: stine bramsen

monday is meant to be icon of the week day... well, our belated icon of the week will be stine bramsen, the singer from alphabeat.
how cute is she? and she is also, like france gall, a hair inspiration. when i look at her, i'm thinking: aww back then, the short hair days (not a good look for me at all). the pixie cut looks so gorgeous on her. and she wears nice dresses, too. candysweetness!

source, more pictures:

alphabeat - what is happening

edit: this has to be called DOLLFACE OF THE WEEK duhhhhhh

blog roll

heya, i hope that my plus size fashion blog list is exhaustive now, more or less. i'm willing to support anyone who regularly posts their lovely outfits and who is an inspiration to others.
if you feel like i have forgotten someone else's or your blog, let me know!
much love, laterssss

Saturday, September 19, 2009

cousteau - the last good day of the year


the last good day of the year it was indeed, i think. autumn is here, i start freezing inside the house and wonder whether i can afford turning on the radiators already (nah, i'll just wear an extra layer!). i do quite a bit of weather smalltalk on here, don't i. but i hate small talk! according to some people, germans are really bad at smalltalk. and unfortunately, clichés do derive from tiny truths (is there, in any possible way, a plural of truth?).
anyways, some outfits from the past weeks. excuse the pissed look. i failed an important exam.
before i was down. fresh as a daisy in my beloved (vintage) jumper.
primark striped shirt, red bag, and multi chain necklace.
silk dress-shirt layered with h+m tank and primark cardi.
the wooly cardi/shrug from h+m. i got it in size m, but the size doesn't really matter here, if you're interested in buying this as well.

another band i rediscovered while thinking about what kind of music i listened to about 5 years and longer ago: cousteau. i don't know much about them but i do, up to this day, really love this song. i like its jazziness and the video. the woman in it is wearing a lovely pair of coral coloured cropped trousers. and the singer vaguely looks like dave gahan. watch!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

dollface of the week: france gall

actually, france gall should have been our first icon here, for she is a proper icon of mine. she is possibly the only woman who makes me wish i was blonde and it was her fringe that inspired me to sport one as well. actually her name is isabelle, and her carreer spreads from the swinging sixties until today, she is one of the french absolute top of the pops. her style has always been very fashion forward, evolving from teen idol to grande dame of the french chanson.
let's follow her throughout the years, always with a great do and cute face. these pictures have been screencapped by me with love:

in her very early days, brunette, short and fringeless.

the anna wintour years, eh!

with serge gainsbourg, performing a song that would turn into a scandal: "les sucettes".

long hair, no fringe, still lovely with a bobby pin and a deep side parting. and a ra-ra skirt!

back with a fringe, but superskinny and wearing velvet.

the boyfriend look!

kate moss copied this decades later.

it's obviously the 80s, 'big bangs' and a wild do.

ella has it. france gall has it, too.

and one of my personal favourites: