Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5121 and its (identical) twins



or this

i cannot think about anything else than a very very classic pair of new glasses. i have been wearing the frame i have now for what feels like decades (well let's say i've had it for 6 years possibly). and apart from trendy nerdiness, i would really really really really like a pair of ray bans. the original would set me back about 150 euro including the glasses as such, the first one could be mine for lousy 20, and the last ones (most possible option) come at about 60.
so, do i invest in the original or shall i go for the bargain option?


pictures via favoptic.com, my-spexx.de, metsuki.co.uk

EDIT 29.06.08:
i ordered the last pair.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Chères lectrices, dear readers,

it's the blog's first birthday! happy birthday!

there now, all of the past photos i have been dying to post. i purchased quite a lot of new stuff recently. h+m have the summer sale on since monday i reckon...
i'm hoping to be quicker to post stuff in the future, i don't want this to dieeee!

i also got massively sunburnt today.

besides, i've been one of about 240000 people involved in a strike concerning the german educational system. we were about 2000 ? here in mainz. and i feel so sad/angry when reading most of the articles published online afterwards. the strike in mainz will go down in history as some sort of anarchist movement because some of us threw toiletpaper around the house of representatives. well some dipshits stole things in there, which is awful, obviously. but all in all, it's not being represented in a way it should be! if you care to know what the strike was about in detail, i suggest you visit: http://bildungsstreikmainz.blogsport.de/ (all in german, sorraay)

more soon
big love XXX