Saturday, March 28, 2009

got a low low feeling around me and a stone cold feeling inside

i am moving flats which is why i didn't properly post things on here... i'm hoping to have the internet up and running in the new flat by tonight. it's stressful, all of this. i hate it. i hate a lot recently...
bear with me and have a nice weekend!

moving, just keep moving. supergrass!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

found something crying, it was my soul

hey partypeople
sorry for the neglect, again. i missed blogging the german carnival, watching the oscars, i forgot birthdays, didn't find time to meet people, the list is endless. but i have spent 3 weeks as an intern in a school and i have painted 1/4 of my new flat. i will be in the moving process soon. my current place looks a horrible mess cos i stared packing things in boxes, which is more difficult than i thought. the mess is also why i can't take any decent looking pictures at the moment. took some with the loo in the background, classy. with no further ado...
what i wore for birthday parties (it's always everybody's birthday so suddenly innit?)
other stuff
and i found an oversized egg shell coloured shirt in the h+m men's department for 2€. added a little bow i bought in h+m a while ago, this bow is meant to be clipped on shoes... weirdos. then again... maybe?
lacking time, i didn't have a proper costume for the carnival so i just dressed up as (little) red (riding hood). just red.
i must also show you some arty shit. when painting my future bedroom, i happened to have like half the paint on my arm, hair, eye lashes and elsewhere. how did richard manage to look spick and span?
life is poo in some places just now. looking forward to candy times again.
yours truly


the outfits shown above consist of:
primark lacey dress, patent leather belt, black heels, red tights, red wooly hat, blue scarf, and ballet flats.
h+m red coat, ballerina neckline shirt, bright red hat, white shirt, glittery bow.
indiska black dress.
new look black waistcoat.
peacocks denim skirt