Friday, December 19, 2008

i love to kiss you when there's no one else around

i really hate neglecting this blog and would like to thank everyone who is still reading. the past few weeks have been a bit busy although i only had one exam, today, for which i actually couldn't revise. i have also been going into town a lot recently, and i should have all the presents i want to give now. it has also been my birthday last tuesday and i am still making preparations for my big party on saturday. somehow i will fit a maximum of 30 people into my tiny flat.
i have good news on that matter too, i will probably be moving into a 3 room flat in march or april! happinesssss.
so, in no particular order, some recent outfit fitness.

i will hopefully get round to showing you some pictures of my christmas decorations, i've never had that many ever since i live in this flat!

finally, a very subtle hint at what i'm gonna be dressed up for my party. it is nationality-themed. i.e. everyone will have to dress as a different nation and bring typical food. oh i do have the best ideas, don't i? i'm the best at everything, you know!

gros bisous!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

il me les faut... december dreaminess

i have a few outfits yet to post, but for now, really quick, my birthday and christmas wishlist. i want a 1000 other things, such as the infamous name necklace and/ or ring, a million euros, world peace bla and bla. i broke it down to these few very very nice pieces i would like for those two upcoming occasions, so please, mr birthday and mr christmas, be kind:

bday and xmas wishlist dollface-is-candysweet by dollface-is-candysweet
- kylie's sweet darling
- lace up boots
- red ballerinas
- nice semi-formal dresses
- big retro headphones
- dotted tights
- a necklace with a watch on it
- a classic trench coat
among the dvds i want are true romance, domicile conjugal, the talented mr ripley, sleeping beauty and robin hood (disney of course).
and i really really really need the album by those dancing days, boy kill boy (2nd one), travis - ode to j.smith. i crave the original cds actually.
oh and i would love one of those mini mannequins you can use to hang your jewellery on or one of them fancy jewellery trees ikea does.

lastly, the christmas song i pretty much love the most. my dad would love this. showaddywaddy - hey mr. christmas:


ps: again, hint hint, if you wanna follow my blog, click here :)