Tuesday, September 30, 2008

permanently blue for youuuuu

my friend kat left for england on sunday and she'll be there for the next 8 months. actual sadness. i hate when people go to a different country for so long. the circle is never complete. first, rita went to france, then julia went to italy, ramona still is in france, and kat just went to england. saying goodbye at the airport is disgustingly sad, i've had to deal with airport goodbyes for the last 2 and a half years and hated it every single time and i will never get used to seeing someone i love going past the bit where i can't go with them anymore. it breaks my heart. so everyone abroad, you are dearly missed and i am looking forward to your return.
at least i know i wont have to say sappy goodbyes to my boyfriend anymore since he's moving in with me on halloween (it just happened to be a cheap day to go on a plane). i am counting down the days, 30 left - on friday it will be exactly 4 weeks. and that day will put an end to 32 months living apart from the better half.
enough melancholy, it's not candysweet at all, bitterweet if anything.
let's shift towards the more candysweet things in life. fit outfits!
i remember that i wore this last wednesday when i went to ikea with kat. stripey shirt and red coat from h+m, primark skinny jeans, and my infamous amélie bag i bought in an underground station in barcelona.
(h+m striped shirt, sixx necklace, primark skinnies, new yorker shoes, h+m coat, amélie bag from barcelona)
on saturday i bought a new wooly hat which happens to be the exact same colour as my autumn coat, not so much like my winter coat (i'll just get another one hah. a hat that is, not a coat. i'm a poor poor student).
and here's a full view of my gig outfit from last wednesday
(h+m white shirt and tull tube top, sixx bow necklace, only you shoes)
and on a completely different note: i love my banner. i assume that you do, too. BUT i have to admit i don't own the rights to all that candy pictured above. i found it when browsing the web a few years ago i guess and i kept it since. not knowing i would feel like abusing it as a blog banner. so whoever owns this picture, i am very very sorry and will remove it if requested. been thinking that, if ever someone claims their rights, i need to replace it. with what though, i can't draw candy this sweet on ms paint. but i can take cute pictures. such as these.
what do you think?
thanks for all who voted on the poll. and thanks for supporting that headbands are very much nasty! sorry kat, teeeeeeeeheeeeeee.
oh, and finally, today's outfit. don't hate on my white boots, i am well aware white boots are close to the edge of skankiness, but i pull them off pretty well here, so don't hate!
(h+m jacket, primark jeans, scarf and bag, tack boots)

ps: the song at the beginning is from the new ipod ad, chairlift - bruises. pure gold! oo-ooh ooh ooh.

Friday, September 26, 2008

your beauty will last for a while

i keep saying that to my tee, my new teenagers tee. like all band shirts you buy at gigs, it was overpriced (15€ for a white shirt with a print). then again worth it: brenda walsh AND the best band in the world all in one t-shirt is very flipping nice. ( i like to use flip, flipping, motherflipping as an homage to the other best band in the world. but also, i don't wanna be all rude).
so, not only was i there at the best gig in history (i do like superlatives, i mean i LOVE them), no, i also had my picture taken with quentin AND michael from the band. how come i hear you ask. well because they're my best friends, there you have it. they actually asked me to be in a photo with them. heck yes!
i should add that quentin sang and danced off stage, within the mainly female audience, for most of the gig. extraordinaire, sympa. because "ze light is not sexy... we french like our light sexy!". the others were sexy enough to stay on stage and just be awesome. and micheal speaks excellent german. i wish i spoke excellent french because i can only speak gibberish when i'm starstruck (there you have it). all i could say to quentin was "peux-je avoir une photo avec toi?!" and that was that.
so here is some gig sexiness and the new cool tee which i am going to wear every day for the rest of my life.
i have yet another youtube gem for you. i could also file this under best of manchester artists. i LOVE badly drawn boy. and he knows, as well as the teenagers, that it's not a crime to be a teenager. once around the block:


ps: do check out auletta, gorgeous band from mainz. they supported the teenagers, and were great as usual.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i want i want i want = jag vilja ?

i'm flying to sweden for a day. in two weeks with my darling mum. and despite being skint, i plan on buying stuff i really really need. things like these.

have i told you that i got to see THOSE DANCING DAYS in august in manchester? no? well i did! and it was super söt and fantastic. and guess who is going to see THE TEENAGERS tonight? hm yeah you got it.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

fashion is fast and nothing is lasting, it's all ghetto blasting

i like this season actually because it means short dresses, black tights and high boots. could wear that everyday, which i end up doing eventually. because i really won't wear that when it's too cold, no cystitis this year for me, thanks.
here's my diamond jumper or dress (i suppose it's meant to be a jumper but long enough for me to wear as a dress!). got it last year in our favourite swedish shop.
(h+m jumper/dress and necklaces, dm tights, only you boots, takko blazer, rather vintage)
i've just had my hair cut by my darling neighbour tina, she did a well good job!

and finally, some vintage travis for you. this song is minttttt! check out andy's little dance, the cuteness, bobbing his head like a toddler:


ps: might be going to the other swedish shop tomorrow!
pps: omg i've just realised that the video is 11 years old. i'm old! but i'm tied to the 90s (they were something...)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

mais j'ai toujours la même sensation

nothing really to comment on these, but they're fit outfits
(h+m scarf, white shirt and tube top, primark jeans, matalan belt, c+a camera necklace, only you boots, sixx bow necklace, indiska wrap-around belt)
and a bit of yelle, new video - gorgeous:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

big up margaux

margaux motin is a french illustrator and i got to know her in muteen, where she used to make me laugh out loud when i was reading her articles about various girly products and gadgets she'd tested for us. she no longer writes and illustrates for muteen, sadness, but she has a wonderful blog that never fails to entertain me and, still, make me laugh out loud (or should i say lol, you geek).
even if you don't speak french, in which case you can let the funky music do the talking, you may check out her illustrations, it's the shit.
but also, i'm telling you about her because i've only just watched the madmoizelle.TV streetstyle video feauturing her, hilarious. i just love how natural she is, someone you'd want to hang out with, innit.


Monday, September 15, 2008

ill, still. alright still.

had to get out of the loungy wear from the weekend (tracky bottoms, tshirt and fluffy morning gown) into normal clothes again, back to work today. and back to uni tomorrow to the thing i hate the most (besides 3rd world poverty and our bad economy). the thing i hate with a passion is latin. the most f*cked up thing on the planet. no more about that.
this is what i wore for work (4,5 hrs of homework supervision and teaching). even had to run for the bus today because of the darn traffic lights! oh and it's cold enough to wear high boots. that's how cold it is. they were dusty when i put them on. yes dusty. and cold it was.

and the following outfit is what i put on to take a picture in it, because i dug this piece of clothing out of the depth of that box where i put clothes i really dont want anymore in - a simple.black.blazer. it crossed my mind that i had buried the thing (bought ages ago in a shop i'm too embarrassed to name. no i'm not actually - germany has some high class shop called takko.)...buried it and should recover it because i wore this other very preteen jacket today (not pictured) that may be rainproof, but that makes me sweat underneath and always makes me feel a bit plump. so i thought to myself, don't i have this black blazer. and, isn't it high time to check it out again. and good job i did, because if i roll up the sleeves a little bit, it's quite up to date and by all means hotter than that adolescent (though cute) black rain jacket. so really, for me, this blazer has gone from all shades of shit to pretty dressy. behold, the blazer:
what do you reckon? i think it's hot. the shoes btw are new and i got them for 3 pounds (ding ding ding, yessss that was the price) at dorothy perkins. can't walk in them really, i have really really fat feet. i have really fat everything. one day though, i will attend a very elegant event that involves lots of sitting down and very little walking, and show off these pretties.
i will leave you now with a very very very brilliant video and song from a very very very very brilliant band, one of the best. travis - driftwood.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

should you feel like donating...

here's what i want.

this feels so unnatural, peter gabriel too.

i'm ill. woe is meee. serious nose and ears and throat blockage. coughing attempts kept me up all night long, all night, all night. all night lo-ong, all night, all night. no peter gabriel, but lionel richie. hah the song will get stuck in your head now.

it's actually got so cold i wore my windy-and-wet coat for the first time on friday again, sadness. nevermind the mess in my flat and the all around laziness. only vampire weekend can make this weekend bright.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

when will i see my picture in the papers?

i just got a lovely message on modepass, my page/profile is now in the hotty memebers section. how cool is that?
so if you click the following link, my picture will appear first:
YESSS. i'm a sucker for publicity. at least the fame thing seems to work alright. i need the future millions badly at the moment, on a personal note.
enjoy some 80s (or is it early 90s already?) candy for my ladyfriends, and gay friends, to celebrate:


btw: 3 meagre votes on the layout?! come on...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

résiste... pour que tu existes... NOT

sometimes resisting is so hard. i spent the pocket money i had for my stay in the uk mainly on clothes and accessories (and bus fares, and cadbury's crunchie bits, and frijj drinks)... but really, primark is irresistible. jeans that fit and look great for 8 pound. i bought dresses for 5 pounds and yes, i do sometimes ponder over who makes these dresses and i can only hope it's no asian kid in a dodgy backyard.
so when i got back from england i felt the very rare feeling of being "shopped out" (don't ask, no idea whether you can feel a feeling), which lasted me a week or so? i did feel the need the other day to purchase yet another dress because i'm slightly obsessed with short black dresses with a white top, similar to the one i "crafted" for my bf's graduation (and other occasions hopefully).
h+m knows what i want. i know that i shouldn't possibly spend more of what little money i have on clothing, but behold:

file this under smart office wear thats should not be worn without tights, or better yet, not at all because it would probably be too short for the office.

this is how i actually wore it later that day. and i love it!
i also got a photo camera necklace in c+a

i will get back with more soon and leave you now with some france gall pièce de résistance (i love my puns)