Tuesday, July 22, 2008

you never get to give it all you got

press play and enjoy while reading.
so, tomorrow i'm off to manchester, in pretty much exactly 24 hours. i have been all packed since sunday because i had a traumatic last minute packing experience last time i went to england, last december. i made an exact packing list this time, so exact in fact that i listed the number of knickers and colours of certain shirts. i thought this time i pack in mainly white, black and marine style shirts. and jeans. this way, everything will kinda fit together! plus a few dresses. i eventually decided to wear the new black dress on richards graduation on thursday. so soon!
i will be gone and happy for the next month pretty much. there will be tears on the 25th of august because i get overly sentimental when i have to say goodbye to the family, and, of course, to richard. i'm hoping that the shopping i will make there will console me after.
also i will miss everybody here in the mean time. had such an extremely nice evening yesterday because rita spoilt us with food and snacks and drinks from all over the world! she's a flight attendant you know. it was so nice, thank you rita! and i had to say my goodbyes to mona because she will be leaving for a serious amount of time while i'm away already. trendy montpellier is the place. but i'll be so happy to meet everybody when i'm back again, especially since we will all still be on a uni break. and despite holiday jobs and internships, there will be more time than usual to meet and be girlygirly.
went to see my parents on sunday and couldn't resist rummaging in my massively big barbie box, where there are treasures such as my keypers, a beverly hills 90210 brandon ken, tyco quints, a cupcake doll, cherry merry muffin dolls AND four mini cabbage patch kids. i have been looking for those in particular and i wouldn't stop rummaging in that dusty corner of my former room until i found the 4th and cutest mini cpk:

there's one that looks like me, plus longer hair, minus 10 years:

speaking of vintage toys. the other day i was looking for a safety pin in that practical wooden box on my desk, but found another childhood treasure instead. my lufthansa "kid+teen" super jigsaw. it's way better than your usual jigsaw because you can play this for hours on end. thing is, i'm really good at this, i can fix it in about 5 min and there is no special trick to it, except maybe that you should see to it that you put in the chunkier pieces first. i'm so good at it, that my mates in school thought i fooled them and secretly memorised several ways to finish it. not true! i'm just a clever dickie. luckily i found this before i go on a lufthansa flight. maybe i will get an extra sandwich if i casually play with it during my flight, hah!

just how cool is this? this is better than sudoku and tetris combined. pleasure for hours and hours.
german "summer" is kindly preparing me for 4 weeks in england. rain rain rain. and the occasional rainbow! it must be rainbow time because saturday, late in the evening, i came home from my nan to witness this

and guess what, this morning i accidentally woke up at half past 6 and looked outside the window to find this

amazingness. the only reason i have a picture of the early morning rainbow is that i sleep next to my mobile, sad. as ifff mario testino would ring me in the middle of the night telling me he wants me for a photo shooting, haha!
will post again later, recent outfits need to be broadcast.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

with laughing song and merry dance

let's have a full fledged film post, shall we.
been watching one of my favourite movies ever early in the day. had such a craving to watch it because the soundtrack was playing in my head for a few days.
Topsy-Turvy is a sort of biopic about Sir Arthur Sullivan and william Gilbert, english composer-writer duo who wrote some of the most famous victorian operettas. the film is set during a rough period in their artistic relationship and gives a sneak peek behind the scenes of the sorcerer , the mikado and princess ida. it's directed by mike leigh, whose films i love with a passion anyway. jim broadbent as gilbert is hilarious, especially when he goes "spinach water" when being served a cup of (then exotic) green tea. that's the very moment when he and his wife go to see the japanese exhibition in london, which will inspire him to write the mikado later on. usually, i'm not a fan of old men films (thinking of walter mattauh here, bless him), but topsy-turvy really is the shit. check this out... "well i'm going out to seek some italian hokey pokey and i care not who knows it". the funniness! so cuteeee.

also i like how the film portrays victorian life and all things new back then, such as the telephone or the fountain pen. love it.
i promise you it's not some boring-but-nice-costumes kinda movie, it's ever so funny, it made me laugh out loud during some bits. and then there's the music. i'm not for operas but i do like a bit of musical. what's cool here is that you also get to see what it's like being an actor, well, an actor in the late 19th century. apparently, 30 quid was a really good weekly wage. just imagine!
the best song in the film is "three little maids from school" but better yet are the rehearsal scenes in the film and the very glorious dance instructor. hahaha, and mr barker again, the telephone guy (not gilbert): "my dancing days are long over". he has to be my favourite oldie character ever.

here's the actual performance of the performance, hehe.

ok that was a load of average text but excellent clips. and all i mean to say is: go watch the film. i'm hoping to buy the dvd in manchester next week because i've only got a vhs taping of it, pooety poo. i used to memorize the time of my favourite bits so i could fast forward to them (favourite bits are: the sorcerer scene, all the scenes in the actors' dressing room, "three little maids" bit and the finale). a dvd would have saved me some time. it so will in the future! topsy-turvy dvd, here i come.
here's another treat, goodbye.

Friday, July 11, 2008

pure bliss... OF COURSE

...is the feeling i had after my oral exam. heck yes, i did very well. because i'm such a clever dickie. although i really thought i was making an idiot out of myself during. apparently not! celebration.
so here's how you dress for important oral exams:
no distracting clothes, unless you actually do wanna distract from your wit. black top+jeans is a good option. and nice shoes.

look clever! be fierce.

wear your lucky earrings (if you happen to have some). i really abuse luck a bit. not only was i wearing my lucky earrings, no, i had my lucky heart shaped stone in one pocket, my lucky ladybug in the other (all given to me by the bf) and the lucky duckie from julia (that i gave her for christmas last year?).
also, hair out of the way. no distraction or hiding behind an emo fringe either. even if french romantics are super emo. i looked into that (and got a great mark here as well. IN YOUR FAAACE).

i have also got a new mobile! oh yes! another sony ericsson, but this time with a cybershot camera! more awesome glamour shots to come, in even better quality. what a lucky lucky reader you are.
went into town with my ladyfriends today, we're complete at the moment, nobody abroad. julia A is laughing her head off in the background of this picture, not because of me! i need someone to buy me this pink boombox. it would complete my awesomeness (well to 99% because my pomeranian puppy is still missing) - you can also buy me a panda baby and i will love you for the rest of your life. but this pink coolness would do for now.

i took a few umbrellaellaella piccies, because we're so beautiful. julia B has the biggest umbrella, winner.

chapeau! kat is sporting a checkered number in red.and mine is actually the best umbrella you can get for 3 euros, it's scientifically approved!

that's it for now. i will post so much soon. i have a lot of spare time on my hands. teehee!

and for god's sake, stop smoking ALL.THE.TIME.

Monday, July 07, 2008

i'd take my -pomeranian- puppy everywhere

lalalala i wouln't care.
dearie me. my oral exam is on thursday and i feel so unprepared. la catastrophe! eurgh, i bet that, eventually, it's gonna go down ok. but eurgh. just, if only it were the 16th after midday. cos that's when i'm officially on a uni break. and i miss my boyfriend because, for the first time, i haven't seen him 3 months. it's awful. and also, i wish i had a damn pomeranian puppy already. i want want want a puppy. dreams are nothing more than wishes and a wish is just a dream you wish to come true. waugh waugh wooo. press play, just listen. you dont't have to watch, unless you like karaoke. i have loved this song, and harry nilsson, ever since i heard its first note during the opening scene of "you've got mail".
i wonder why i'm so teenage nostalgic recently. i don't think i had a supergood time really. but who did? say, being skinny, no glasses and no braces help. i really love harry nilsson, some good shit.
i joined this new community called modepass and it's swell because for now, it's rather small, there's about 3000 members. it's lovely though. you can click on my page on the left. the community is all about fashion and photography, what else do you expect off modepass. sounds like mot de passe as well. i highly recommend you visit my page. i can be even more vain there hahaha. the most famous fashion bloggers, i assume, are on there. the cherry blossom girl, punky b, betty. everybody.
but if i weren't here, this blog would die. so here are recent outfits.
it's a bit grey, but it's very cool. notice my earphones blingbling. i actually got that in the men's accessories section in h+m. how gay? and i love the bag (although i can't rollerskate to save my life), it was only 2 euro!

ok i don't wear my sunglasses inside the house but they really make this outfit. and it's a lovely coinkidink how well the shirt matches with the scarf. it was too warm that day for a scarf but nevermind.

best outfit ever. you just can't beat a nice pair of jeans and a lovely white top. classic. i could wear that every day.

this was today's outfit, even if i had hardly been out all day. but my fridge was starving and i had to copy something in uni. dazzling.

i don't dare to wear the belt with it yet. too much podge around my waist really. people will surely worry whether i can breathe alright. whattevaarr -> W!

look at my lovely tacky necklace. eh ben oui, la tour eiffel! tiens!

anyways, i just had one tortelini too many and one look at my revision notes too few.
i will post jumpy ballerina pics soon. and songs with funny intonations. the teenagers...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

breaking a chain inside my head

click on play so you can listen while you read. let me enhance your multitasking skills, girls only want guys with skills, remember.

i recently re-discovered ony of my first favourite indie bands. also my second favourite scouser band (the wombats come third). i'm on about The La's. most people mistake them for a one hit wonder, they wrote the infamous "there she goes". there's so much more to them though! their self titled album is actually the bomb, i seriously like the whole thing, although it sounds geeky to say that about an album. they're so 90s but i motherflipping love that. i remember having bought the album in my late teens (yeah as if that were a long ass time ago...) and listening to it on various trips to eastern france or luxemburg with my parents - it's the perfect backseat-earphones music you wanna listen to. i guess i even played it on a disc man. dear me i got my first mp3 player when i started uni. "feeling" is like one of the best songs ever?! i mean, how can you not like that. it's no nickelback shite or rihanna blaaah de blaah. not that i don't like rihanna - she's alright innit. but you know what i mean! i do hate nickeback with a passion though, they're poo :]. a special hello to Jon from London, nr.1 90s indie music lover. (now that's how you get people to read your blog).
anyhooo, you probably love the first song i posted so i cannot spare you the other gem, "timeless melody". yeah well, the melody always finds me. cheeky! do check out peter cammy (is it him?), the blondey one. he looks like an 11 year old singing along to his fave band, hehehe. maybe i'm doing him wrong, but he does look funny. and i like Lee mavers's bowl haircut, it comes with the liverpudlians, eh. (i always mispell it as loverpool first, dr freud? help!)

another picture post is comin' upppp. i'm such a busy bee - got a presentation later on and my oral exam (see 2nd ever post) next week. panicccc.