Sunday, June 22, 2008

fit outfits

that's my snow white outfit for hannah's birthday party. it was a success, obviously.
the dress and the shirt are from h+m, the tights from aldi and the headband, i dont remember.

that was yesterdays outfit. i layered 2 white h+m shirts, with my perfect jean that i bought in new look in manchester's trafford centre, and a white jacket by... h+m. bag is from primark. i love it, it's fantastic for uni cos you can pretty much carry all your belongings with you. a maxi bag is what scientists call it.

this shirt is actually a dress, i guess. by h+m. i tuck it into the belt thingies. not even my bf knows what they're called. anyway, so this makes a great outfit, obvvvv.

i looove this dress and i'm pretty sure i got it for 3 pound in sainsburys in oldham. the scarf is primark, the necklace and earrings from six, which is a bit like claire's or accessorize.

this outfit is one option for richard's graduation ceremony. i got the jacket (can you call it that?) in barcelona. yes, that time when i had my money stolen. it was only 3 borrowed euro. hah. the top underneath was 5, both from h+m.

that#s option nr 2 for the graduation, which i'm probs gonna go for. silk blouse and tube top (underneath) by h+m, jeans from primark (well).

this is the lanvin top i copied. chloé sevigny wore the original and had a tutorial on how to copy it. as iffff i needed that!

this looks great, i know. i need the glasses to be made, i haven't got round to go to the optician yet. i bought the frame though.

why all this? because revision is boring me. and because i'm so purdyyyy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

le pull marine

is my favourite and only piece of vintage clothing i have. well it's not proper vintage since i found it in my mum's discarded clothes. or was it my brother's? eitherway, i'm hyperloving it:

i know, i know, thats a very sexy facial expression i'm sporting here.
but i can do better, with my 2 euro penney's (thats primark in ireland) fake wayfarer:

in fact, this kinda hot pullover has its own song. isabelle adjani, french actress from the 80s (erm she might still be in the movies, no idea)sings about it, well, not really. i love the 80s-ness of the clip though.
je n'ai jamais touché le fond de la piscine dans le (petit) pull marine. and mine isn't ripped at the elbows either, hers apparently is, poor isabelle:

it's a blog world after all

i'm so jealous of the cherry blossom girl and punky b and all those famous blogueuses. i want to be oneeeeeee.
erm there's also another kind of motivation: i'm probably cooler than all of them combined. HAHA.
see for yourself.