Thursday, June 26, 2008

marins, amis, amants ou maris

...les marins sont toujours absents. erm one possible excuse for not blogging yesterday. very abstract. but there's a connection to yesterday's fit fit outfit.
welcome to the wonderful world of wackiness.

for the fun of it.
i also applied a slight change to the gallery, posh. may i explain the pictures from left to right, starting with the big heart one.
(click on it to enlarge)
well the latter was given to my by my boyfriend when he first came over to meet me and i had only just moved into the flat. i had this picture, but no wardrobe yet.
b/w lady portrait, the bf drew this! ages ago. well ok, doesn't look like me at all, but he did it before he knew me, so, pardoné, very arty. then underneath we got a series of 3 shop window photos that i took in various locations. that's my homage to window shopping. then next to them we got a fafinette. slightly under/next to it, i put up a picture of catherine deneuve and francoise dorléac, her half sister, in my faveourite film of all times, les demoiselles de rochefort. i will post the song to this blog title underneath, tehe. so the last 3 pictures show miss van art. miss van is a street artist from toulouse.

i have been complimented on my braidy (no not the family) hairdo recently and people ask how it's done. it's so easy and although there are tutorials everywhere (like here) in the blog world, i will give you a quick d.i.y., without the pictures this time. might do that another day.
1. separate hair into 2 even sections. if you don't it will look poo.
2. plait each side, not too tight, but def not too loose.
3. when both sides are plaited, lay them both across your head and cover the ends under the other braid, hold it there with one hand.
4. get loads of bobby pins and start to fix the plaits in the middle, work your way to the sides (or should i say ear-wards). pin everything thoroughly or else... or else!
5. work the hairdo. no overly girly, frilly outfits with that kinda hairdo. you don't wanna look an idiot. my pink dress might even be a tad too much.

ok so here's the promised clip, and i suggest you watch it so you can love the film and me for having introduced you to it. i haven't spammed you with youtube clips yet, so the ones i do post are real treasures.

it's my favourite song from the film. and they got some great dancing going on. i luuurve ittttt! je meurs d'amour pour mon copain car il a les yeux bleus. pas de maquillage qui coule pour moi!

might post something later about the semi-finale. celebrate good times, come on.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

fit outfits

that's my snow white outfit for hannah's birthday party. it was a success, obviously.
the dress and the shirt are from h+m, the tights from aldi and the headband, i dont remember.

that was yesterdays outfit. i layered 2 white h+m shirts, with my perfect jean that i bought in new look in manchester's trafford centre, and a white jacket by... h+m. bag is from primark. i love it, it's fantastic for uni cos you can pretty much carry all your belongings with you. a maxi bag is what scientists call it.

this shirt is actually a dress, i guess. by h+m. i tuck it into the belt thingies. not even my bf knows what they're called. anyway, so this makes a great outfit, obvvvv.

i looove this dress and i'm pretty sure i got it for 3 pound in sainsburys in oldham. the scarf is primark, the necklace and earrings from six, which is a bit like claire's or accessorize.

this outfit is one option for richard's graduation ceremony. i got the jacket (can you call it that?) in barcelona. yes, that time when i had my money stolen. it was only 3 borrowed euro. hah. the top underneath was 5, both from h+m.

that#s option nr 2 for the graduation, which i'm probs gonna go for. silk blouse and tube top (underneath) by h+m, jeans from primark (well).

this is the lanvin top i copied. chloé sevigny wore the original and had a tutorial on how to copy it. as iffff i needed that!

this looks great, i know. i need the glasses to be made, i haven't got round to go to the optician yet. i bought the frame though.

why all this? because revision is boring me. and because i'm so purdyyyy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

it's smoothie time: d.i.y.

ok so i'm not assuming that you're the kind of person who's not overly keen on having your daily veg/fruit like me, but homemade smoothies are a nice way out of that dilemma. people are always "oh my gosh, no, i saw this thing on telly the other day and it said that smoothies aren't that good, and they don't replace actual fruit". yeah well when you buy shitty ones that is. blending a bit of fruit at home is easypeasy, cheaper, and well, maybe even fun. i'm sure it's good for your health.
so here we go. step by step. ooh baby, gonna get to your giiirrrrl. no, seriously, here we go:
get a blender.

get a nice banananana.

"chop" it in small-ish pieces with your fingers (i say this because you might wanna spare yourself with washing a knife).

add some frozen raspberries (or any other fruit, i suggest: mango, strawberries, cherries, pineapple....bla de bla).

add some juice (preferably apple or orange). not much, just a likkle bit to make it smooth you know, well it's called....

it should basically look like this now.

blend it, mon pote.

until it looks like this, mushy mushy.

pour into a cup or glass. i have a special smoothie cup, because i'm special.

give the blender a wash RIGHT AFTER. you don't want to know the joys of washing dried tiny bits of fruit off a blender.

drink it, enjoy it, touch it, bring it, watch it...

try it out, dear reader. and let us now what it was like. share it with the group. see you at our next meeting.

oh i almost forgot to say that the bf enlightened me on the basic recipe (banana/ juice/ other fruit) for a smoothie. i promised i would mention it. who's the boom king? he's the boom king. <3

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

le pull marine

is my favourite and only piece of vintage clothing i have. well it's not proper vintage since i found it in my mum's discarded clothes. or was it my brother's? eitherway, i'm hyperloving it:

i know, i know, thats a very sexy facial expression i'm sporting here.
but i can do better, with my 2 euro penney's (thats primark in ireland) fake wayfarer:

in fact, this kinda hot pullover has its own song. isabelle adjani, french actress from the 80s (erm she might still be in the movies, no idea)sings about it, well, not really. i love the 80s-ness of the clip though.
je n'ai jamais touché le fond de la piscine dans le (petit) pull marine. and mine isn't ripped at the elbows either, hers apparently is, poor isabelle:

it's a blog world after all

i'm so jealous of the cherry blossom girl and punky b and all those famous blogueuses. i want to be oneeeeeee.
erm there's also another kind of motivation: i'm probably cooler than all of them combined. HAHA.
see for yourself.