Thursday, December 04, 2008

il me les faut... december dreaminess

i have a few outfits yet to post, but for now, really quick, my birthday and christmas wishlist. i want a 1000 other things, such as the infamous name necklace and/ or ring, a million euros, world peace bla and bla. i broke it down to these few very very nice pieces i would like for those two upcoming occasions, so please, mr birthday and mr christmas, be kind:

bday and xmas wishlist dollface-is-candysweet by dollface-is-candysweet
- kylie's sweet darling
- lace up boots
- red ballerinas
- nice semi-formal dresses
- big retro headphones
- dotted tights
- a necklace with a watch on it
- a classic trench coat
among the dvds i want are true romance, domicile conjugal, the talented mr ripley, sleeping beauty and robin hood (disney of course).
and i really really really need the album by those dancing days, boy kill boy (2nd one), travis - ode to j.smith. i crave the original cds actually.
oh and i would love one of those mini mannequins you can use to hang your jewellery on or one of them fancy jewellery trees ikea does.

lastly, the christmas song i pretty much love the most. my dad would love this. showaddywaddy - hey mr. christmas:


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  1. That tan trench would look lovely with that adorable little red clutch!

    Lovely set.

    Also, please vote for your favorite dress look at

    Cheers, my dear,

  2. La robe rouge ??c'est d'ou?
    J'en cherche une unie comme ca aussi, je vais revendre le mienne a motif je la mets pas.

  3. Lovely trench and the dresses! I would like that watch too...
    I like your blog:) come and give your opinion on my new one, it would make me so happy!!

  4. where r you?? posting please.. i miss reading it..

  5. thank you all for the nice comments and sorry for the long wait


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